In which we talk to Meredith Gerber about her work on social media, layout, and writing for Onyx Path and also her work with OneBookShelf/DriveThruRPG!

An immediate derailmentHow Meredith got involved with the LARP community and then White Wolf, Onyx Path, etc.A bit on book signings.Meredith’s work on our social media!How we work together!Check the Monday Meeting Notes!Social-media negativity and wanting immediate answers.Some stuff about turning things off when you’re done working.Onyx Path as a company is dating R. Talsorian Games.Freelancers in the RPG industry know each other!Meredith’s graphic-design work.Kickstarter video voiceovers.Meredith wrote on the Geist anthology!OneBookShelf: What is it?Some stuff about getting jobs you didn’t expect.Mere is a good photographer, too!LARPin’Matthew is menacing and also maybe we stole a boat?

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