Eric, here. Now that we’ve showcased some of the cool powers (Variations) that come with the Divergence, it’s time for a look at a few of the potential prices Deviants pay for their remarkable abilities: Scars.

Every Variation takes on the activation method of the Scar connected to (or “entangled” with) it. Variations entangled with Controlled Scars are Controlled Variations. Those entangled with Involuntary Scars are Involuntary Variations. Those entangled with Persistent Scars are Persistent Variations.

Concentration (• to •••••)

Keywords: Mental; Subtle; Repeatable

The Variation demands constant, intense concentration to maintain, and any distraction can cause it to fail or to get out of control – or make it impossible to activate in the first place.

At Magnitude •, whenever an unexpected surprise or other distraction causes the entangled Variation to shut down (or prevents her from activating it) in a way that creates a complication for the Deviant, the player may take a Beat.

At Magnitude ••, whenever the Remade suffers lethal (or aggravated) damage not caused by a Scar or Adaptation, whenever she Falters, or whenever she suffers the Stunned Tilt or the ...