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Flaws [Dystopia Rising: Evolution]

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  • Flaws [Dystopia Rising: Evolution]

    Dystopia Rising: Evolution art by Sam Denmark

    Hello, survivors! This is Eddy, with a peek into Dystopia Rising: Evolution, as well as the design process. After the Kickstarter, I added the concept of Flaws. If you’re a Storyteller / Storytelling veteran, these aren’t what you think. In DR:E, Flaws are effectively the same as Conditions, but they apply to Gear instead of characters.

    See, one of the things I felt was important to DR:E was to keep the aesthetic that salvaged equipment is generally quirky and unreliable. The more I dug into the design, the more I realized that Gear should have Conditions all their own. That’s where Flaws came from. It also allowed me to rewrite some weird one-off rules and put them nicely into one space. So, here are the current (pre-edited) Flaw rules, to give you an idea of how this will look.

    Once all the Milestones are completed, choose one additional Flaw. This is the item’s Fatal Flaw, and it is persistent — it can never be removed unless the item is completely destroyed and rebuilt. But if you ...


    Onyx Path
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