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Deviant Creatures! [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • Deviant Creatures! [Monday Meeting Notes]

    Our two Kickstarted projects are rolling right along, with the Deviant: The Renegades KS having recently passed 200% funding and a bunch of Stretch Goals. Backers really seem to be loving just how flexible this game line is – they’re really getting into coming up with media inspirations that fit the game!

    Then there’s our new Creature Collection for Scarred Lands, which is heading into its last week.

    Besides 20 pages of 15 new monsters – so far – our friends at Handiwork Games really took me seriously when I stressed how we’d like content not just added to the book, but to some sort of on-line gaming aid pack.

    They have created a Digital Game Pack that has also been created and expanded with Stretch Goals, and backers have unlocked VTT tokens for the digital pack. That’s quite a significant stretch goal as they tell me that every single monster covered in the Collection will get its own token in the Pack – usable for online gaming!

    Unlocking the first Encounter Pack also added 2 poster sized versions of the ...


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