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C Is For Creature & Collection, D Is For Deviant! [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • C Is For Creature & Collection, D Is For Deviant! [Monday Meeting Notes]

    Here we are, coming to the last few days of the Creature Collection for 5e Scarred Lands Kickstarter, and the last 9 days of the Kickstarter for Deviant: The Renegade. Wow, the time sure flies with these – you can check out below in the Blurbs for details on how everyone’s pledges have added to both projects in different ways.

    That’s really a huge part of the fun for us – using KS to help create more and new parts to a project! Not something you can really do with a standard pre-order.

    Thanks everybody who already pledged – and if you haven’t yet, you really do owe it to yourself to take a look. Both campaigns have a huge amount of backer activity and involvement, and have great KS-runners.

    Next up, we’re looking at Mummy 2nd Edition for the just inaugurated Onyx Path Kickstarter account that Creature Collection is on right now, so we’re really going to need to get our previous backers to give that a try and pop over there. Not the easiest shift to make!

    Dark Eras 2 art by ...


    Onyx Path
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