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  • Mummy Cults [Dark Eras 2]

    Anticipating Mummy: The Curse 2nd Edition? We’ve included the upcoming edition in Dark Eras 2. In the Rise of the Last Imperials chapter, we’ve offered sample cults which are included in the Mummy: The Curse portion. The text details three sample cults mummies may rely on on — and hunters might encounter. Here’s a sneak preview of The Wang.

    Example Cults: The Wang

    “Civilization is in danger, father. We must restore it, whatever the cost. If I thought else, would I be your daughter?” — Wang Ming-Yue

    A family, the Wang, close to the Imperial Court in Beijing is contacted by sympathetic traders on the Silk Road. They have sacrificed much to maintain a position as a power behind the throne while the Ming were in control. Now they have been forced to sacrifice even more to appease the new emperor’s courtiers and to sop to his oafish, childish decrees. The promise of a new dawn and a new seat of power calls to them while the offer of aid from a family who are near to enjoying the Eight Privileges of the ...


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