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Episode 74: Pathcast on Podbean LIVE

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  • Episode 74: Pathcast on Podbean LIVE

    In which Eddy, Dixie, and Matthew play around on Podbean’s new live show feature, and take calls from freelancers and fans!

    Dixie and Matthew are indignant as Eddy claims to be the sole hostWe talk about our test run episodeDixie talks a bit about Exalted, and some other projects she’s working onMummy the Curse will be our next Kickstarter!Matthew talks about V5 Cults of the Blood GodsEddy talks about Aberrant and Pirates of PugmireMario Kart 8 updateScion update, and Neall calls in!We get gifts and PodPointsMatthew answers some Mummy questions and reveals his origin storyDiscussion about future 20th anniversary booksGames at Save Against FearWe get more gifts! And claps!Questions on Scion: DragonWhat kind of media would we like to see our work adapted into?Questions about future Exalted booksAwkward Silence songRich and Mike Tomasek both call inRich talks about LegendloreSuper-fan Nicholas calls in and says some very nice thingsMeghan Fitzgerald calls inMatthew cuts a promo on Eddy and one more Mummy revelationsA new Scarred Lands show coming on TwitchThe live show cut off “Many Worlds One Pathcast,” but we have some pre-show ...


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