Are you a creator? Do you enjoy programs like the DM’s Guild? Do you like Onyx Path’s worlds?

Onyx Path has several Community Content programs that you can join. You can download resources, create your own supplements (provided you follow the posted guidelines), upload your product and even sell it!

Storypath Nexus

The Storypath Nexus covers various Storypath games. Currently, that’s limited to Scion (the only Storypath game currently available) but will soon open to other game lines, like the Trinity Continuum. Get started now with the Content Guidelines and the FAQ.

Here are some recent successes:

Scion Solo AdventuresGuide to Cryptids of North AmericaMany Names of Heimdall

Slarecian Vault

The Slarecian Vault covers the Scarred Lands setting for 5e and Pathfinder. Get started now with the Content Guidelines and FAQ.

Recent successes include:

Vengeance of the Shunned Planar Index, a brief overview of the planes featured in the Vengeance of the Shunner multi-part adventure seriesVengeance of the Shunned Peril Primer, a guide to creatures featured in Vengeance of the ShunnedHer Immaculate Prestige

Canis Minor

Canis Minor is our community content site for Pugsteady’s Realms of Pugmire setting, which includes Pugmire ...