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Now Available: Dystopia Rising: Evolution Jumpstart

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  • Now Available: Dystopia Rising: Evolution Jumpstart

    Now available in PDF and print via DriveThruRPG: Trouble on the Steel Pier: A Dystopia Rising: Evolution Jumpstart!

    “Welcome to my humble palace in the Big A.C. Don’t mind the blood.I’m sure you’ll be much better at your job than he was.”

    — Maajida, Head of the A.C. Black Market

    Welcome to the Big A.C., a place of glitz, glamour, and danger within the post-apocalyptic wasteland. Here, you’ll find all of the best and worst that humanity has to offer. Glamorous parties spill out into the streets, where sharp knives wait in the shadows. For this group of mercenaries, however, the Big A.C. presents the perfect opportunity to turn a profit.

    This adventure takes you into the world of Dystopia Rising: Evolution. Generations have passed since the zombie virus took hold and caused people to mutate into different Lineages. Cities crumbled and fell, and only now are new ones being built from the bones of the old.

    This is dystopia. The world is broken. It is up to you to pick up the pieces and make a new world from the remains.

    Some highlights of Dystopia ...


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