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Light of the Sun [Dark Eras 2]

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  • Light of the Sun [Dark Eras 2]

    Dark Eras 2 is an upcoming supplement that’s compatible with the Chronicles of Darkness second edition game lines. Each chapter is a look at a different era in history through the eyes of two or three game lines. Light of the Sun is a chapter that takes place in the 17th century, in the time of Galileo Galilei. It features Mage: The Awakening, Demon: The Descent, and the upcoming Deviant: The Renegades.

    This fictional letter opens the Light of the Sun chapter and offers a taste of what’s in store. The book is over three hundred thousand words and is now being edited. If you’re excited to play the Chronicles of Darkness throughout history, check out the BackerKit for Dark Eras 2.


    If you will not heed my warnings to turn from your studies on grounds of our friendship and trust, let me tell you fully of the Soncino matter, in hope this might penetrate your prideful stubbornness and return you to humility.

    Filippo Mantovani died before my companions and I arrived at his crumbling villa at the edge of Soncino. He was ...


    Onyx Path
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