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Release Roundup: November 2019

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  • Release Roundup: November 2019

    Zounds! What a bounty of releases for which to be thankful.

    Scarred Lands: Scarred Lands expansion for the Expedition card game (print)Scion: Scion 2nd Edition – Book 1: Origin Phone PDFAberrant 1e: Aberrant Rulebook (print)Aberrant 1e: Aberrant: Project Utopia (PDF/print)Aberrant 1e: Aberrant Worldwide: Phase I (PDF/print)Aberrant 1e: Aberrant: (PDF/print)Werewolf: The Apocalypse: The Art of Werewolf: The Apocalypse: A Visual Guide to Werewolf 20th Anniversary Edition (PDF/print)Werewolf: The Apocalypse: Auspice Gift Cards (PDF/print)Changeling: The Dreaming: Immortal Eyes 4: The Cup of Dreams (ebook/print)Exalted: Adversaries of the Righteous: Siluris, the Hidden Sting and Iolanthe, Queen of the Golden Beryl Palace (PDF)


    Pugmire Breed: Companion (sticker)Pugmire Breed: Fettle (sticker)Pugmire Breed: Herder (sticker)Pugmire Breed: Pointer (sticker)Pugmire Breed: Runner (sticker)Pugmire Breed: Worker (sticker)Pugmire Breed: Mutt (sticker)Pugmire Calling: Artisan (sticker)Pugmire Calling: Guardian (sticker)Pugmire Calling: Hunter (sticker)Pugmire Calling: Ratter (sticker)Pugmire Calling: Shepherd (sticker)Pugmire Calling: Stray (sticker)


    The*Thanksgiving Weekend sale has only a few days remaining to get 33% off or more on over 500 Onyx Path products!

    Scarred Lands products for Pathfinder (the Scarred Lands Players Guide*and*The Wise & The Wicked 2nd Edition) are upwards of 90% ...


    Onyx Path
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