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Monsters of the Deep! [They Came from Beneath the Sea!]

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  • Monsters of the Deep! [They Came from Beneath the Sea!]

    They Came From Beneath the Sea! art by Larry Blamire

    In advance of the release of They Came from Beneath the Sea! and its upcoming stretch goals, please enjoy these aquatic menaces from Monsters of the Deep!

    Dire Sea Sponges

    “I think a need another sponge.”

    —    Doctor Jamil Paval

    All-natural sea sponges have been a luxury item in many homes for the past century. Divers in the Mediterranean and North America pull these exfoliating delights up from coastal reefs and sea floors for pampered enjoyment and profit. As with all luxury items, demand increased, and synthetics just weren’t cutting it. Divers went all over coastal areas finding new supplies, but governments were wary about over-picking these natural filters.

    Acme Company, determined to edge out competitors, performed experiments on increasing the reproduction rate of ordinary sea sponges. Soon Acme Company had the most sponges on the market. Everyone agreed their sponges were the best, so good in fact that everyone wanted more than one for their shower needs. To say they were successful is a misnomer. They did indeed create a sea sponge with rapid ...


  • johntfs
    Any idea when those of us who sat out the Kickstarter for this can get .pdfs from Drivethru?

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