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Chicago Folio Story Hooks [Vampire: The Masquerade]

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  • Chicago Folio Story Hooks [Vampire: The Masquerade]

    In advance of the upcoming release of Chicago by Night, please enjoy these story hooks from the upcoming Chicago Folios stretch goal:

    V5 Chicago Folio illustration by Michael Gaydos

    Dearest Club Member

    We would be delighted to see you at the annual Evening of the Flesh this coming month. We, the Black Roses, will be arranging the meet-up this year, and can truly say, it will be even bigger, even better, and even more interesting than in years prior. We have special playtoys we cannot wait for you to get your hands on, and I am sure they will happily oblige your every desire. If not, we will make them — like we always do.

    Per our code, this event must stay strictly confidential. We wouldn’t want any disturbances to ruin our night (no one could forget last year’s near slip-up). This year’s theme will be “The Blood”, so please dress accordingly — think of something that reminds you of what gives you life. Perhaps, a red dress? Maybe a burgundy tie? Even shoes count! As long as your appearance channels that which we ...


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