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Now Available: In Media Res and the Trinity Continuum Storyguide Screen

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  • Now Available: In Media Res and the Trinity Continuum Storyguide Screen

    Now available: In Media Res for the Trinity Continuum! Now in PDF and print from DriveThruRPG.

    “We call them Talents because they’re different. They have certain qualities about them, certain knacks. It’s subtle, never quite superhuman, and no two are the same. They all have one thing in common, though — they’ll adapt to whatever you throw at them. I’ve seen Talents survive situations that’d kill you or me five times over, and come out of it looking like they’d just gone for a jog. Don’t ever underestimate them. These people are capable of anything, as long as they want it hard enough.” 

    — Dr. Stephanie Levine, Director of Dimensional Sciences, Project Echo 

    Trinity Continuum: In Media Res is a collection of pre-constructed stories for the Trinity Continuum, each centering on Talents — hypercompetent individuals with uncanny abilities and a hefty dose of luck whose lives always seem to take turns for the exciting. Storyguides can use these ready-to-go adventures to start off a new campaign with a bang, weave in as an interstitial story, or modify to suit their own ongoing games. 

    Trinity ...


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    I got the .pdfs for these when I backed the original Trinity Continuum Kickstarter to the Gamma level. If I want to get the softcover printed version do I need to order that separately through Drivethru and is there any kind of POD discount because I was a KS backer at the Gamma level?