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People of East Azoth [Legendlore]

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  • People of East Azoth [Legendlore]

    The Legendlore roleplaying game runs on D&D 5th edition — a system most players know and which is easy to use. We are adding a Legend mechanics, new ways to cast spells and rituals, new classes and new people. Here’s a preview of the latter. Enjoy!

    People of East Azoth

    The Realm is home to a wide variety of creatures from Pixies to Orc. As you Cross, physical characteristics, personality, and skills and inclination as shape your body into the right one for You. East Azoth supports adoption and fosterage between people, but different people cannot biologically conceive a twin-people child. If you want to play someone with a combined cultural background, such as the child of a dwarf and an elf, you should pick one as your People template and add a Realmborn Background (Chapter Five) from the other.

    After you select a people, you may choose to take their noted Ability Score Increase. This increase is cultural, rather than innate – Bryzine trolls tend to be hardy due to growing up in harsh northern conditions, and good at haggling as they’re ...


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