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  • Tales of Good Dogs [Realms of Pugmire]

    Bow-wow! Are you a good dog? Good dogs in Pugmire read bark-tastic stories, like the ones found in Tales of Good Dogs. Edited by James Lowder, this anthology is a collection of eighteen short stories written by established authors such as Maurice Broaddus, Cassandra Khaw, and Jackie Cassada, as well as up-and-coming storytellers like Felipe Real and Katie Harwood.

    Today, we’re pleased to share with a preview from “The Retriever”, written by Christine Morgan.*

    Wolfhoundton Hall loomed large and imposing. Under other circumstances, it could easily be an impregnable fortress, but with the sun nearing zenith on another ordinary day, the immense reinforced gates stood open, the portcullises raised. Dogs of all types came and went on various business, from humble workers to well-dressed nobles. Bedraggled mutts and even a rat or two begged for scraps of food or plastic. Guards occasionally chased them off. On the corners, pups hawked trinkets, sprigs of flowers, and fresh-baked biscuits. Uniformed couriers rode sturdy, shaggy little ponies. Horse-drawn carts and wagons rumbled by on the cobblestoned streets. Carriages disgorged visitors.

    A lightweight half-coach drew to a ...


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