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Santa Cults Is Comin’ To Town! [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • Santa Cults Is Comin’ To Town! [Monday Meeting Notes]

    Because we’re all out this week, there was no Monday Meeting – but our emails have been flying all week as the kickstarter for V5 Cults of the Blood Gods funded in 50 minutes and it has been smashing through Stretch Goals since then!

    It has perhaps been helped by a last minute change James and I made to the shipping costs for a bunch of our International backers – I mean I literally got the revised shipping costs from a new KS fulfilment shipper in the EU the morning the KS was going live!

    Very glad we could bring those costs down – even if it is still an experiment until we get a few ship-outs actually out from these shippers.

    As always, you can back at any time and you’ll get access to consecutive chunks of the manuscript as the KS rolls along – and you can cancel your pledge at any time before the KS is over if you don’t like what you read!

    (And this is the case whether you have just stumbled on the Cults Kickstarter, are one ...


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