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    One of the mechanics in They Came from Beneath the Sea! that people really seem to love is the Quips. Here’s a section on Quips and a small selection of them, as written by Larry Blamire for the core rulebook. You’ll be able to buy these on cards or make your own once the game is released!

    The Art of the Quip

    “It’s not just what words you say… it’s when you say them… and how you say them… Also what words you say… I’ve said before… you can take away my armaments. You can take away my freedom. You can take away this neat hook thing I use. But nothing can touch my quips…. Nothing…”

    —    Clain Hoake, veteran canner, troubleshooter, and quipper

    There is no handier weapon at the monster or alien fighter’s disposal than the Quip. Also a gun. And a ray, some kind of ray. Plus speed, agility. Hiding is good, if you hide from something, so you can organize later, maybe regroup. Punching, also handy.

    But Quips, they are something special, because all they take is some presence, some ...


    Onyx Path
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