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Claws & Effect: Pirate Callings [Realms of Pugmire]

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  • Claws & Effect: Pirate Callings [Realms of Pugmire]

    In the third part of this essay series, I wanted to talk a little about the design decisions that went into the Pirates of Pugmire callings.

    This was an interesting challenge, because I had a new set of conditions I needed to fulfill. Specifically, I needed two dog-specific callings, two cat-specific callings, and one calling each for lizards and birds. Early on I made it easier for characters to share those callings, but that was still my initial design idea.

    This time, though, I also gave more room to the writer (who was Dixie Cochran), so it was even more of a team effort than the Mau callings.

    Crusader (dog; Charisma and Constitution). In my tweaking of the Guardian calling in Pugmire, I realized that I never really got a chance to do a proper “paladin” calling. So this was a chance to do that, with a dash of Spanish conquistador tossed in.Gundog (dog; Constitution and Dexterity). When I knew I needed two gun-wielding callings, this one was pretty easy. I mean, gundogs are a thing, so the name pretty much sells the ...


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