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Now Available: Aeon Ready Made Characters and Trinity Community Content!

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  • Now Available: Aeon Ready Made Characters and Trinity Community Content!

    Now available: Aeon Ready-Made Characters! Now in advance PDF from DriveThruRPG.

    Don’t wait, humanity needs you now!

    Do you want to game but your players aren’t sure what to play? Looking for inspiration to get you into the world of Æon? This book is for you!

    These six ready-made characters cover a range of psions eager to face whatever challenges your story brings. Each character is complete with background and roleplay suggestions. Or, if your players would prefer to explore something different, each character has alternative versions of the paths their lives may have taken. For Storyguides, every character also includes an antagonist character sheet so you can use them as foes, foils, or friends for the player’s own characters.

    Æon Ready-Made Characters includes:

    Six pre-generated player characters, ready to explore the world of Trinity Continuum: Æon.*Two alternative versions of each character, detailing the changes required to bring them to life.An antagonist character sheet for the primary version of each character.Four story hooks to help Storyguides build their worlds, either as starting points or to drop ...


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