In which Eddy interviews Danielle Lauzon and Ian A. A. Watson about Trinity at Midwinter!

We discuss our Mario Kart experiences at MidwinterPoop jokesHistory of the new edition of the Trinity ContinuumThe evolution of Storypath into the Trinity Continuum Core RulebookTrinity Continuum Core Rulebook’s settingJuggling between Scion, Trinity Core, and Trinity: AeonWorking on Trinity Continuum: AberrantEarly thoughts on Trinity Continuum: Adventure!Specific rules for a game, but keeping them evocative of other gamesChanges to the new editionTrinity Continuum: Assassins (working title)Coming support booksIan is a shitposterThey Came From The Passive-Aggression Wavelength!V5 Cults of the Blood Gods Kickstarter


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