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Races of the Crimson Shore [Scarred Lands]

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  • Races of the Crimson Shore [Scarred Lands]

    Welcome back, friends!

    Travis Legge here, returning to bring round four of playtesting for our forthcoming Scarred Lands RPG supplements. Before we dive in too deeply, I want to remind you that this is the final week to post feedback to the Blood Sea Pirate and Blood Sea Alchemy playtest. Your input is remarkably valuable in helping us bring the Scarred Lands to life in a way that you can enjoy at your table, so please be sure to fill out the surveys and let us know what you think!

    As our team prepares for the release of Yugman’s Guide to Ghelspad and Vigil Watch, we’ll be introducing several rules to playtest through Open Development. Check them out, use them at your tables, and let us know what you think. Here’s the details!

    Thirteen playtest packages in totalEach playtest is open for three weeksEach playtest includes a survey for you to enter your feedback and rate your satisfaction with the content

    Each playtest document will contain a link to a brief survey for feedback. I will post a new playtest each week, with each ...


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