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George Washington Was A Hunter! Now It Can Be Told! [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • George Washington Was A Hunter! Now It Can Be Told! [Monday Meeting Notes]

    In honor of his birthday being celebrated today in the US, we can now reveal that the first US President, George Washington, was a feared foe of the supernatural!

    When they said that he “had wooden teeth”, that wasn’t literal. It was a code and a metaphor for how many vampires he had impaled with sharpened wooden weapons. We’re still working on what is meant when he’s said to be “made of radiation”.

    Actually, I have no idea if George shows up in Hunter: The Vigil 2nd Edition – but I do know that HtV2e‘s Kickstarter campaign is well over 200% funded and moving right along.

    Thanks to everybody who has backed so far, and we really appreciate your thoughtful comments! The KS Comments page has been filled with cool ideas for Hunter games, as has our Forums here at Onyx Path central. Keep those comments coming, folks! I know that developer Monica Valentinelli has been keeping notes for her final dev pass.

    No promises that she can or will tweak anything before layout, but I’m sure that once we get the Backer ...


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