ICYMI from yesterday’s release post:

Jumpstart PDFs are now free! Get started on a new game, as all our jumpstarts are now available for free for the next week!

Scion 2e: A Light ExtinguishedCavaliers of Mars: A Festival of BladesDystopia Rising: Evolution: Trouble on the Steel PierPugmire: The Secret of Vinsen’s TombV20 Dark Ages: Legacy of LiesChangeling: The Dreaming 20th: Yours to KeepExalted 3e: Tomb of DreamsVampire: The Requiem 2e: Reap the Whirlwind RevisedChangeling: The Lost 2e: Hearts on Trial

Some years ago we shifted from the smaller quickstart format to the beefier “jumpstarts.” The following older-style quickstarts were already free due to the size and content difference, but are listed here for completeness’ sake:

Mage: The Ascension 20th Anniversary Edition QuickstartDemon: The Descent Quickstart