In which we put all of our Scion actual plays thus far into one giant file for easy catching up!

Everything is a bit meh, but Technocracy Reloaded is doing well!A segue!Pirates of Pugmire backer PDF is out!A bit about Pirates of Pugmire and tone in writingWe chat about They Came from Beyond the Grave!We talk about…day drinking?We talk about…Gloomhaven? Character Creation EpisodeA brief history of ScionMatthew is the Storyguide, Dixie and Eddy are playingWe’ll be posting the first game session somewhereSetting: Miami, FloridaCharacter conceptsDeeds: short, long, and BandStoryguide advice: How to make sure characters work togetherChoosing divine parents and pantheonsOh, and character namesOrigin, Role, and Pantheon PathsSkills and what Skills actually meanHow Storypath makes competant charactersAttributes and ApproachesCallings and KnacksEddy missed a stepTweaks and ConnectionsFuture pantheons Session OneScion: Origin Actual Play Session TwoScion: Origin Actual Play Session ThreeScion: Origin Actual Play Session FourFay and KianMeeting with the daughter of PoseidonLearning about the Tattoo LizardsSetting up a meeting


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