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Onyx Path Publishing Announces Anima for Trinity Continuum

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  • Onyx Path Publishing Announces Anima for Trinity Continuum

    May 5, 2020 — Rich Thomas, founder and creative director of Onyx Path Publishing announced that Trinity Continuum: Anima will be the next tabletop RPG supplement in the Trinity Continuum line. Both will employ the Storypath system. 

    2084. After the Aberrant War of the 2060s, there was The Crash, plunging parts of the world into a dystopian cyberpunk future. Cities were built up after the horrors of The Crash, but people still flock to fantasy entertainment to forget the troubles of the world outside, using a brain implant known as “Glass.” The number one fantasy MMORPG — Terra Surge — uses Glass to make the most immersive and exciting gaming experience available on the market, but top players end up missing or dead under mysterious circumstances. Players like you.

    In Trinity Continuum: Anima, characters try to get by while staving off attacks from enemies both physical and virtual. Anima gives players the chance to enter both the dangerous world of corporate espionage, while also delving deep into the virtual world’s mysteries. Between the two exist a myriad of deadly secrets meant to ...


    Onyx Path
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