In which Matthew runs Scion Origin for Dixie and Eddy, but not before we spend an unreasonably long time talking about everything else.

Trinity Continuum: Anima TeaserCockney Rhyming Slang and the PolariThe incipherable lyric game: WWF RAW theme from 1998 – 2000

Dixie’s take on the lyrics: It’s my life in the box into the beef I’m dropping my ox it’s the Solar beat (incipherable) Why am I thorn in your eye?

Eddy’s take on the lyrics:
It’s the lights and the night of joie de vivre
And you chop off the arms and soil the meat
With your arms aghast you see me leave things here
Your headbutt’s a dog; it’s a pain

Resident Evil music: Farty horns vs. Farty celloWorking on V5 Cults of the Blood Gods stretch goalsThe worst Toreador coterieThe Scion Origin actual play continues!

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