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Tech-nically Thinking! [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • Tech-nically Thinking! [Monday Meeting Notes]

    Here we are in almost the last week of the Deluxe M20 Technocracy Reloaded Kickstarter, and like all KSs, we’re at that time where pledges start to slow. So we’re thinking about this KS, and our previous ones, and the roster that’s coming up.

    What works, what doesn’t, and what just makes us wonder. Like, should we continue to portion out sections of the complete text during the KS, so at the end backers have pretty much the text as it’s going to be before being formatted during layout. (Which makes it a lot easier to read in most cases!)

    We like that model, as it shows prospective backers just what they’re getting so situations where folks expected one set of information but got something else don’t occur any longer. And it shows that the text being finished won’t be a factor in the final project delivery to KS backers.

    Those are two pretty good things, in our estimation!

    But, does that kill the fun for folks? Like, is there value in being, well, surprised by your new book when it arrives? So far, ...


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