In which Eddy and Dixie talk to Ian A. A. Watson about his latest projects, including some more details on the recently-announced Trinity Continuum: Anima!

Faxanadu on NESStreaming video games on TwitchMore farty horns and Dixie’s Wikipedia CornerIan reveals his middle names!We remember the rough times we had recording episode 4How things have been in the past couple of yearsIan is still a well-known shitposterTrinity Continuum: AnimaThe CrashSurprising inspirationsInternet shitMMOs have their own language and cultural impactThe Glass brain implantDifferent things to try in Trinity as a resultThe importance of media touchstonesWhy it’s not set during the Aberrant WarM20 Victorian MageHow Ian’s evolved as a creativeInterpreting Matthew’s dreamsImpostor syndrome and making something with your hands


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