Because, honestly, after this last week, diving into a world where problems can be solved with magic sounds pretty damn sweet!

So, I’m not going to have much mind-space to write my usual faux-Stan Lee kind of editorializing and rah-rah this week. In fact, I’m pretty much going to skip all that and just post the topics our Monday Meeting crew discussed today:

Black Lives Matter

As much as it shouldn’t need to be said, it does.

The Legendlore Kickstarter starts tomorrow, and we talked a lot about the various Actual Plays that will be showing up on Twitter, including two that are detailed below in the Onyx Path Media section. We’re hoping that folks give them a watch so they can see how the characters and setting interact.

TC: Aberrant art of Bene “Bounty” Manata by GONG Studios

We reviewed the M20 Technocracy Reloaded Kickstarter that ended last Thursday and were really thrilled by pretty much the whole thing, although it ended oddly with a reoccurring glitch on the KS side. Really not much we can do there with the whole “technical difficulties” thing outside ...