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Legendary! [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • Legendary! [Monday Meeting Notes]

    We’ve had a legendary start to our second Kickstarter for Legendlore!

    Legendary like any saga where the heroes have false-starts and other challenges before winning their way to glory!

    If you recall, earlier in our saga, we attempted the first Kickstarter right when the world first realized that Covid-19 was as dangerous as it is. We realized that any announcements or follow-ups were just not going to be heard as we all concentrated on trying to find out what was happening. No one knew what was coming next, and in the face of all that it seemed like our divided attentions had bigger concerns to deal with than our little KS.

    Then, we were going to start our second attempt last Tuesday – on the very day that needed to be set aside in support of Black Lives Matter. As this was very much a call that went out in the midst of extraordinary circumstances across both the US and throughout the world, we delayed the KS launch for a couple of days with only hours to spare before it would have started. ...


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