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Not Your Father’s D&D! [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • Not Your Father’s D&D! [Monday Meeting Notes]

    With a bit more than a week to go, Legendlore keeps rolling, even through the traditional 3rd week KS doldrums!

    For our part, we continue to try and spread the word about this integrally inclusive setting with panels and actual plays like these:

    Now, the very cool thing about Legendlore, and why I call it “integrally inclusive” as well as “Not your Father’s D&D” is that Steffie and team have taken an existing aspect of the original comic book world setting – the transference of a real-world person into this fantasy world – and designed the character generation system so that you have complete freedom to create the sort of character you want to play.

    What I mean is that you can or can not be a direct port of who you are into The Realm, or you can change the characteristics and even change your species, but the choice of just what that means in terms of both the setting and the game rules is up to you. Being in a wheelchair, for example, is only a limiter if you want that ...


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