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You’re A Daisy If You Do! [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • You’re A Daisy If You Do! [Monday Meeting Notes]

    Kind of a hold-over from last week’s talk about Justin Achilli, this week we start with one of the quotes from Tombstone that JA and I would lob at each other over the years – and check out this week’s Reason To Celebrate for why the movie comes to mind.

    They’ve mentioned that Justin is the final member of the WoD team at Paradox, even if he may be pretty much still stuck here because of Covid-19, and if you want to, you can learn more about the person pulled into the WoD team before Justin by checking out this coming Friday’s Onyx Pathcast interview with Outstar, the WoD Brand Community Manager!

    How Lewd.

    Another daisy has been Jon Hodgson and his extremely talented crew at Handmade Games, who we’ve worked with on many pieces of art and on the creation of the newest Creature Collection for Scarred Lands. They ran the Kickstarter, as well, and did a fantastic job with the project!

    Now that the Creature Collection is at our traditional printer – where we had to send it because our more expansive ...


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