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They Have Arisen…From the Grave! [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • They Have Arisen…From the Grave! [Monday Meeting Notes]

    Gag! Choke!

    Yes, the They Came From Beyond the Grave! Kickstarter funded last week, and we’re all really thrilled that it will be over-printed to get copies in stores and that now it can start building some extra projects thanks to the generosity of our backers.

    Thanks, folks!

    With three weeks left to run, we figure that with good word of mouth we’ll be able to open up a good solid handful of monsters for the Monsters From the Crypt book we’re building with Stretch Goals, as well as more projects we haven’t yet revealed.

    So, spreading the word if it looks cool to you is important – please do it if you get the chance!

    But if support trickles in rather than gushes – that’s OK, too! What we want with our new games is enough support in terms of backers so that the Kickstarter lives up to its name. A little kick that gets the final book into stores and the hands of folks who will play it, or a great big kick into even more of both are both excellent outcomes. ...


    Onyx Path
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