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From the Grave to the Cradle! [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • From the Grave to the Cradle! [Monday Meeting Notes]

    Titanomachy art by Michel Giorgi

    The Kickstarter for They Came From Beyond the Grave! finished up last week with a massive surge of pledges in the last three days. This enabled us to achieve several more Stretch Goals than we expected, which is definitely the best way to end up with a Kickstarter!

    Thanks to everyone who backed and spread the word about the project!

    Looking at the number of backers, in addition to the pledge amount, we are absolutely thrilled to see that this second game in the series surpassed our first game, They Came From Beneath the Sea!. We kind of thought going in that the subject matter might line up with the interests of large portions of our community, so if that’s why TCFBtG! did so well, that works for us!

    It certainly looks like a third game in the series might come moseying down the trail…

    But before we get to that new game, whatever it is, and its inevitable Kickstarter, here’s a reminder that next week on Thursday the 3rd we are starting the Kickstarter for Scion: Demigod! More on ...


    Onyx Path
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