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Now Available: Vigil Watch 4, and Æon face masks!

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  • Now Available: Vigil Watch 4, and Æon face masks!

    Now available in PDF and print from DriveThruRPG: Vigil Watch Chapter 4: The Iron Court!

    Ghelspad Expanded!

    Ghelspad is a massive and diverse land. Once a paradise, this continent is now scarred by the ravages of the Titanswar. In the wake of divine bloodshed, and beset on all sides by titanspawn, the people of Ghelspad survive and thrive on this befouled continent. Vigil Watch explores six different locations across Ghelspad.

    From the bloody shores of the Toe Islands in the east to the Sweltering Plains of the west, Vigil Watch provides an in-depth look at a variety of locales and cultures.

    Vigil Watch Part Four details the roving city of the Iron Court, home to the Ironbred, and provides the first deep dive into Ironbred culture in the Scarred Lands!

    Also available for Astral Tabletop: the Gauntlet of Spiragos! Load up Astral, log in, and you should see Gauntlet among the New Quickstart Games to the right.

    For centuries, titans bestrode the world, colossal heads and shoulders lost in the clouds, carelessly smashing and crushing all beneath. When the youngest of them had enough and declared ...


    Onyx Path
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