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Now Available: Titanomachy, and Community Content from Beyond the Sea!

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  • Now Available: Titanomachy, and Community Content from Beyond the Sea!

    Now available in advance PDF from DriveThruRPG: Titanomachy for Scion 2nd Edition!

    The second war against the Gods fast approaches. Are you prepared?

    Scion: Titanomachy*has everything a Storyguide needs to bring the Second Titanomachy — a phase in the eternal cold war against the Gods — to their*Scion 2nd Edition games.

    It presents new threats from the Titans to their servants, plus their fell powers and Birthrights — ripe for use as antagonists or as new material for players’ characters.*It also provides adventure hooks to springboard Storyguides into the action.*

    Scion: Origin*and*Scion: Hero*are required to use this book.*

    This book includes:

    Titans for each of the core pantheons, to be used as enemies or strange allies.*Three adventure hooks to help Storyguides run epic games involving the Second Titanomachy.Dozens of all-new antagonists from enemy Scions to fearsome monsters.*New, Titan-themed Birthrights and Knacks for players to discover and use.

    Also available: They Came from Beneath the Sea! Community Content on the Storypath Nexus! Now you can create and sell your own TCfBtS! content!

    Storypath Nexus LogoThey Came from Beneath the Sea! Art and Design Asset PackThey Came from Beneath the ...


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