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The Labors of Demigods! [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • The Labors of Demigods! [Monday Meeting Notes]

    So, yes, it’s Labor Day here in the US, a national holiday. Many companies would therefore give today off to their employees, but since every day is a holiday here at Onyx Path, we had our usual Monday Meeting today, and work continues apace.

    Of course, the second part of our MMN Blog title today comes from the fact that the Scion: Demigod 2e Kickstarter has been just crashing through the Stretch Goals after funding in 75 minutes! We’re all really thrilled and grateful to all of our backers for showing such fantastic support!

    Putting the two together, I thought that a change of pace today that showed how some labor was done to create the elements for Scion: Demigod might be appropriate. And since I did some of that labor, I figure it’s on me to step up today and delve into the creation process for one of our latest Scion pantheon symbols.

    This one is for the Apu, the Incan pantheon.

    It’s usually after the writing is pretty well finalized, but not necessarily developed, that I’ll ask the project developer for notes ...


    Onyx Path
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