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Now Available: Terra Firma for Æon, plus a poster

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  • Now Available: Terra Firma for Æon, plus a poster

    Now available in advance PDF from DriveThruRPG: Terra Firma for Trinity Continuum: Æon!

    Bleeding Edge Dangers and Ancient Mysteries!*

    Terra Firma*expands the setting of*Trinity Continuum: Æon*by revealing some of the many wonders and secrets found on Earth and Luna, while also providing Storytellers with the material they require to set exciting campaigns on either of these two worlds.*

    Terra Firma requires both the*Trinity Continuum Core Rulebook*and*Trinity Continuum: Æon*to play. Inside, you will find:

    Further information about 10 nations previously discussed in*Trinity Continuum: Æon, including a detailed look at an important city in each nation. Details on threats facing Earth, including revolutionary movements, dangerous cults, and criminal gangs.An exploration of some of the strange, and often deadly, mysteries found on Earth and Luna — from the ancient and terrible Gorgon Karst caves beneath eastern Europe to the bizarre Hadley Rille Anomaly on Luna.*New technologies used on Earth, examples of the many strange and powerful relics of the Nova Age, as well as new Edges and Paths specifically for the inhabitants of Earth and Luna.


    Also available: posters and art prints of the Trinity Continuum: Æon cover ...


    Onyx Path
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