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Now Available: The Contagion Chronicle

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  • Now Available: The Contagion Chronicle

    Now available in advance PDF from DriveThruRPG: The Contagion Chronicle for Chronicles of Darkness!

    The world is ill. You have everything to lose through its sickness.

    Loss. Change. Chaos.

    Your own blood will rebel against you. Your own herd.

    Your own loved ones. Do not believe that just because you’ve had a hundred years on this earth, you’ll be exempt. Just because you were ignorant of it until now does not make you immune. Your waking to the reality of this world — of the great machine in its heart, and the sickness in its veins — is just the first step. You must find others like you and me and make them swear to drive back this Contagion. This world doesn’t have long left. You may be a monster, but perhaps with other monsters, you can drive back the destruction of everything.

    The Contagion Chronicle includes:

    The first Chronicles of Darkness book to provide guidance on playing creatures of all kinds in a shared story.Systems and powers enabling teams of vampires, werewolves, mages, Prometheans, changelings, Sin-Eaters, hunters, mummies, Beasts, demons, and Deviants all in the ...


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