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And a’Hunting We Will Go! [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • And a’Hunting We Will Go! [Monday Meeting Notes]

    Ghost Hunting, I say, Ghost Hunting, that is!

    TOMORROW! At 2pm Eastern US time, the WoD: Ghost Hunters Deluxe 20th Anniversary Edition Kickstarter carefully enters the fray! Probably wearing those low-light goggles geared up for ectoplasm.

    I’ve mentioned before, but I think it bears repeating, this is the first book we’ve done that is for the WoD 20th Anniversary Editions but not specifically from one of the game lines. More generally useful, like the old-school “A World of Darkness” black border books.

    So we don’t know how well this KS will go as support isn’t just because we’re doing a new book for a long-cherished game line, especially with the short notice we’re stuck with giving people! Everyone’s support will be hugely appreciated!

    More Stuff We’re Doing!

    And went over in the Monday Meeting today!

    First up, we’re trying something different with our Scarred Lands Community Content. Which is not unusual, we’re always experimenting with different approaches and methods towards our projects and our community.

    In this case, we are offering almost an entire continent in the Scarred Lands setting for Community Content creators to fill ...


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