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Now Available: Sunken Bones and More for Pugmire!

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  • Now Available: Sunken Bones and More for Pugmire!

    Now available in PDF and print from DriveThruRPG: Sunken Bones for Pirates of Pugmire!

    Storms regularly sweep through the Acid Sea, and they seem to rise up at the worst possible time. Dalmatian Cove is a known, but hidden, location where those harsh storms frequently sweep ships. Explore the cove and meet its residents in this adventure fraught with danger and opportunities for a hardy band of scallywags.*

    Sunken Bones*is a story for fourth to fifth level characters, in which your crew will lose your ship to a natural disaster and then bargain for the resources to recover it. The Graveyard is one of the most dangerous places in Dalmatian Cove, but it isnít the only risky element at play. This story also provides opportunities for building relationships with key figures who make Dalmatian Cove their home and assists in uncovering some of their secrets.*

    This adventure is designed to be run as part of the*Going on the Account*chronicle detailed in*Pirates of Pugmire. It is set after*The Race*and before*Heart of the Storm. However, it is possible to run this adventure completely independently of ...


    Onyx Path
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