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NPC Stat Blocks for Frostlands of Fenrilik, Part 1

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  • NPC Stat Blocks for Frostlands of Fenrilik, Part 1

    By Sarah L. Stewart

    You can make people or things for your players to interact with in 5e in several ways: monsters / creatures, non-player characters (or NPCs, which in 5E are more like monsters), and NPC stat blocks. NPC stat blocks are generic character builds you can apply to any humanoid character, either directly or as a template. I’ve been GMing some edition of D&D for over twenty years and have created a lot of custom content for my own use. However, creating NPCs for 5th Edition D&D is a little tricker than some previous editions (especially if you want to publish them) so I’m going to describe here how I made a humanoid NPC stat block for Frostlands of Fenrilik.

    When writing a D&D 5e publication for the Slarecian Vault, we’re only allowed to reference or include outside resources that are part of the Open Game License (or OGL): the System Reference Document for D&D 5th Edition (published by Wizards of the Coast), and official Scarred Lands publications like the Scarred Lands Player Guide for 5e OGL, Yugman’s Guide to ...


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