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GhOOOOOOst Haunters, er, Hunters! [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • GhOOOOOOst Haunters, er, Hunters! [Monday Meeting Notes]

    We’re almost two weeks into the Deluxe WoD20th: Ghost Hunters Kickstarter and it’s getting into the looong plateau before it’s finale on Halloween, October 31st.

    What interesting with this KS is that we seem to be surprising folks with what material is being revealed to backers. One backer is interested in the Arcanum. It’s mentioned in there.

    Another, the Benandanti and Necromancy.

    In there.

    Today someone noted Numina in the revealed text, and Matthew mentioned that the team used a lot of the previous WoD material, including WoD: Sorcerer.

    So if you still aren’t sure, and/or you haven’t backed one of our KSs for a few years, please do be aware that we have the complete text and are revealing it throughout the course of this Kickstarter. It’s what we do with our KSs now, and means that if you back the project you will be able to see whether you’re favorite stuff is in there.

    (And with this team of creators there’s a really solid chance that it will be, as they love working in past WoD material and probably know that ...


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