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NPC Stat Blocks for Frostlands of Fenrilik, Part 2

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  • NPC Stat Blocks for Frostlands of Fenrilik, Part 2

    By Sarah L. Stewart

    Continued from NPC Stat Blocks for Frostlands of Fenrilik Part 1

    Calculating Challenge Rating

    Now, finally, I reached the hard and annoying part: running everything against the table in the DMG to calculate a Challenge Rating and make any needed adjustments.

    The table is weird. For simple monsters / NPCs you pick a CR for the creature and then go across for their stats. Here’s what it looks like from CR 4-8, the range I expected my NPC stat block to fall in:

    CRProficiency BonusArmor ClassHit Points rangeAttack BonusDamage / RoundSave DC4+214116–130+527–32145+315131–145+633–38156+3151 46–160+639–44157+315161–175+645–50158+316176–190+7 51–5616

    The second and third values (Armor Class and Hit Points) determine the creature’s Defensive Challenge Rating. The Attack Bonus and Damage (or Save DC for spell casters) set the creature’s Offensive Challenge Rating. The Creature’s CR is the average of the two.

    Based on what I’d done so far, my custom ranger NPC stat block’s results were:

    Proficiency Bonus +3 (for being 7th level, although this can change if the CR changes) = CR 5-8AC 14 (with leather armor) = CR 47d8+7 Hit Dice (which is 5.5 * 7 = 38.5 Hit ...


    Onyx Path
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