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There’s Something Strange, In the Neighborhood…[Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • There’s Something Strange, In the Neighborhood…[Monday Meeting Notes]

    Of course, I’m talking about Halloween coming at the end of the week!

    What did you think I was referring to?

    Oh, of course – the same thing I’ve been talking about for the last month! The Deluxe 20th Anniversary World of Darkness: Ghost Hunters Kickstarter is now in it’s last week and it actually ends Saturday afternoon on Halloween!

    So plenty of time to get in your last pledge boost and then change into your costume for Trick or Treating. Or, you know, you could play a game of WoD: Ghost Hunters using the complete text you’ll have received as a backer!

    Which is actually a pretty big deal, because I’ve been reading some concerns from folks who backed our older Kickstarters like Wraith20 and they don’t seem to know that we’ve changed how we do our KSs now.

    They don’t know that by the time the KS is over our backers will have the complete text – and that we can do that because the text is really complete. In fact, unless it’s a very different kind of Kickstarter (like for Dark Eras ...


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