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Writing for Frostlands of Fenrilik

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  • Writing for Frostlands of Fenrilik

    By Sarah L. Stewart

    Several months ago I joined a team working on a new book for the Slarecian Vault. I was tasked with writing the bulk of the first three chapters of the Frostlands of Fenrilik. Those chapters introduce the setting and describe various backgrounds, locations, NPCs, story hooks, and encounters found on the far northern continent of Fenrilik in the Scarred Lands world setting. I was excited to participate on this project as it’s a great location in the Scarred Lands. Very little was said about it in the original Scarred Lands publications, giving us plenty of room to expand and enrich the setting.

    I’ve been a Game Master for many, many years, but only been a professional writer for a handful. I’ve written many technical papers, but I know the Scarred Lands setting really well and felt confident that I could write about it. A bit back, Onyx Path published my first fantasy novel, set in the Scarred Lands. I started publishing on the Slarecian Vault at the beginning of this year with some small titles. Fenrilik was my ...


    Onyx Path
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