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From Halloween to Election Eve: Spooky! [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • From Halloween to Election Eve: Spooky! [Monday Meeting Notes]

    Lots of fun things happened on Halloween a few days ago – I hope you and yours enjoyed a good Trick and/or Treat! For us, that day also marked the end of the Deluxe 20th Anniversary WoD: Ghost Hunters Kickstarter!

    Which was pretty sweet, all told. We surpassed our estimate for pledges and burned through a thematically appropriate (and SPOOKY!) 13 Stretch Goals!

    Once again, thanks to all of you who pledged and participated and spread the word! We could not do it without you!

    Sometime this month, we hope to Kickstart our next project: Dead Man’s Rust for the Scarred Lands 5e setting. This is a mega-adventure that is based around an ominous (and SPOOKY!) affliction that threatens many of the inhabitants of Ghelspad!

    More on this when we have a firm date for the KS’s start. As I mentioned before here on the MMN blog, we decided on putting Dead Man’s Rust‘s KS in here many weeks ago in response to the uncertainty of the elections here in the US. Now, on election-eve, and with little greater clarity as to how things ...


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