The pause that refreshes. What a difference a week makes. Our Monday Meeting crew feel like a weight has been lifted; an attitude change echoed during several meetings with a whole bunch of our creators over the last few days.

It feels good. Folks deserve that feeling.

But no resting on laurels here, or on anything else for that matter, we have lots of things to do and create!

First off, a reminder to fill out our Onyx Path Customer Survey 2020 ASAP as we’ll be taking it down sometime this week!

Your feedback and info from this survey is something very important to us, and we’d love to hear from you! We are really looking for more of an understanding as to the demographics of our community, and while we’ve had gut-level and experience-based ideas of who we are creating for and talking to, this is a chance to get some codified info.

From there, we can start parsing the info you, and everyone else who responds, send us. And speaking of feedback, here are some things we’ve noticed already.

A few ...