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Episode 129: Games for Fun and Profit

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  • Episode 129: Games for Fun and Profit

    In which the Eddy and Dixie cover for Matthew and talk about the challenges of playing games as game design professionals!

    We are very distractedWhy game designers play gamesRise of solo play (fact check: We did have a solo play stretch goal on the Demigod Kickstarter)Why Eddy keeps getting his dog’s name wrongWhen’s the last time I played a game for fun?Playtesting and white room balance is bullshitPlaying in games you worked onSocial anxiety and Gamehole ConDixie’s Switch tangentResearch and enjoyment aren’t binaryCharacters we don’t usually playDoing things that could be for work but for playOptimum group sizes for video chatGames that surprised us


    Phasmaphobia:’s chaos game: Path YouTube: Path Twitch: Path Discord (#onyx-pathcast):


    Onyx Path
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